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Gulddomäner & Premiumdomäner

Premium Domain Market

Buy & Sell premium domains

We sell and mediate exclusive, effective domain names that have attractive values, so-called premium domain or gold domains. Quick transfer of good domain names, to both companies and individuals.

You can buy your premium domain at Gulddomä and own it in a few days.

Tips for finding good domain names

  • Make the domain name similar to your company name or service
  • The domain name should be easy to remember
  • The domain should preferably contain keywords
  • Choose a search engine friendly name

What does a gold domain cost?

Domain prices vary due to Name, Domain Age, Domain Rating and Competition. We mediate premium domains in most areas, including Finance, Shopping, Gambling, etc.

Web hosting for the domain

In order for us to be able to transfer the domain name to you, you need a web hotel or parking service. If you do not already have a web space, you can quickly sign it up with, for example, Crystone, Loopia, or Godaddy.

Questions and answers

What is a premium domain?

Premium domain or Gold domain is a domain name that has that little bit extra. With a premium domain, you have the chance to rank higher in Google’s search results and get more customers to your site

Is the website included when I buy a domain?

It is primarily the domain name you buy. If there is already a website on the domain name, then it may be possible to buy the website as well.

When do we get access to the buy domain?

Transfer is made directly upon payment and the time varies depending on which top level domain is to be transferred. .SE domains run the fastest in 1-5 days. Other gold domains transfer to the new owner within about 3-15 days.

Contact us in the form if you are interested in buying or selling a domain